What’s New?

We have a lot of exciting things to announce that are either new or forthcoming.  Let’s start with the new stuff:

  • Block Rates $10/HR:  On Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-2PM, you can now get $10/HR when you book the 4-hour block.  Start your weekend morning right with some coffee, Grand Slams, breakfast burritos and music (coffee, Grand Slams, and breakfast burritos are not included).

  • Free Time with Instagram Post: When you come by, make sure to take a picture or video and tag us on Instagram.  When you do, you’ll get your first hour at half price right then and there.

  • Sub-Woofer: Available upon request, our equipped room now includes an 18in sub-woofer from Electrovoice (no extra cost!). Great for electronic music, pair it with our studio bass amp to add extra oomph, or we can even mic up the drum kit if you’re all about that bass…


 Here’s what’s coming down the road:

  • Social Jams: Keep an eye out for announcements of social jams at public events such as the Santa Ana Art walk, if you see us there, make sure you grab a coupon for a free hour.

  • Tutoring: We will soon be offering music lessons across many instruments and genres.  If you are a teacher and are interested in a space to teach, give us an email.

There are many more exciting projects in the future that we will post when we are ready to announce.  We hope you enjoy what we offer and are as excited as we are for the coming improvements!

Grant LoughranComment