Thinking of Renting A Lockout Space?

If you’re a serious musician and looking to rent a lockout space, here’s what you NEED to consider.

Most studios that offer lockout studios won’t advertise their prices.  If they’re generous, they might advertise their lowest price, which is typically around $250, (which will end up being for their janitor-closet-turned-studio – hopefully you don’t mind being a$$cheek to a$$cheek with your bandmate...)  A room around the same size as our hourly Original Room here at Funhouse would likely run anywhere from $600-$700 per month - and the lockout is just an empty room that YOU have to fill… 

So why are these private studios so popular?  Well, you don’t have to bring your gear in each time, which is nice, and you can jam for as long as you want - whenever you want!  Sounds pretty cool, and it makes sense for bands that have a little extra money, but for those of us trying to save money so we can buy a new amp, get drinks after we rehearse, or stuff that cash in our mattresses – forking over several hundred dollars each month can make a serious dent. 

Often bands will start by splitting the rent, but usually whoever is on the lease gets stuck with their pants down and ends up having to pick up the tab after the other bandmates drop out – I’ve even seen it end bands altogether.  When compared to our hourly room, which has $14 evening rates, $12 daytime rates, and our new $10 block rates – a $600 studio could get you anywhere from 43-55+ hours a month.  Because the room is equipped with our state-of-the-art PA system, Sub-woofer, Orange Bass amp, 4 microphones, Vox guitar amp and a 5-piece drum kit – you don’t have to haul your gear in – and if you still want to bring in your gear, we have a loading door right to the back alley directly into the room.  The best part about the hourly studio is that you only pay when you use it!  Your lockout studio - whether your band goes on a short tour, is sleeping, is on a hiatus, or if your drummer has spontaneously combusted - is costing you money.


Our lowest price guarantee isn’t the only thing that makes us different here at Funhouse Studios, our online scheduling tool makes it easy to book a session weeks in advance, or up to an hour before the session start time.  So, while you can’t pop in the studio whenever you want, scheduling with your band is easy because you have access to the up-to-date schedule anytime you want.

Many serious musicians have busy schedules, and while the idea of a lockout sounds cool – it doesn’t make sense for most bands who need both an affordable and flexible space to rehearse.  We hope to provide a better alternative.  If you are still interested in a personal studio – give us a call or email.


Grant LoughranComment